Parking Map Updated

SUMMARY: All of the old coin-operated meters have been removed from the entire district. On-street parking now is posted typically one- or two hours. The small lot on South Macomb near East First has been converted to private parking, but the lot across the street is now public one-day parking.

What is changing? Parking meters removed with exception of city hall lot; limitations in place to manage/regulate duration/time in parking space; long-term public parking moved from west side of Macomb between East Front and First Streets to east side (just north of Monroe County Register of Deeds Office)

Why is it changing?  The City is implementing recommendations from the 2018 Downtown Master Plan, and approved by City Council. The Plan discusses making parking easier by removing meters (and replacing them later when/where demand is highest) and by simplifying the regulations for the 3000 parking spots available. As stated in the Plan, the former parking system was underutilized (a situation compounded by effects of the 2020-current pandemic), and has more capacity than current demand. However, certain locations in the downtown experience higher demand, creating the perception of a parking problem.

What is the precedence for this change?  The City conducted a demonstration project pre-pandemic to remove meters on four blocks in the downtown with no negative results. (South Macomb, West Second, East First and Cass Street).

Where will paid parking remain?  Paid parking will remain in the city hall parking lot. The city will pilot the use of a parking pay station rather than metering the lot.