In order to make your visit to Downtown Monroe as pleasurable as possible, the Downtown Monroe Business Network, in conjunction with the City of Monroe, has instituted a Parking Ticket Validation Program.

While you are shopping, if an over-time parking ticket shows up on your automobile, please feel free to return your ticket to a patronized store (within 24 hours if possible) so that it can be validated for you. Look for the symbol on display in stores, offices, and restaurants to identify those businesses which validate. That’s it – ticket is deleted – enjoy your day in downtown Monroe. We offer this program because our motto is,
"You, the customer, are top priority in Downtown Monroe."

The following violation numbers that can be validated include:

#6 (violating parking meter)

#7 (violating 15-minute parking)

#8 (violating one-hour parking)

#9 (violating two-hour parking)

#11 (violating time limit – second offense)

Downtown businesses interested in joining the Parking Ticket Validation Program can contact Mary Gail Beneteau at (734) 242-5840 for details.


Parking tickets are distributed by Parking Enforcement Monday-Saturday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Prices are as follows (note: only those violation numbers listed above can be validated.):

Meter and non-meter:

• 1st offense: $10

• 2nd offense: $25

Violating 2-hour residential: $25

Parking in a handicap space: $100

Parking in one spot for longer than 48-hours: tow $25

Leaving your keys in your car: $10

Parking in front of a fire hydrant: $50

Obstructing traffic: $25

Obstructing traffic in snow emergency: $25

Obstructing traffic during street sweeping: $25

License plates expired with no registration: $25

Parking on a terrace: $25

Parking on a sidewalk: $25

Parking the wrong way on street: $25

Parking in a restricted zone: $25

Parking in front of a public or private driveway: $25

Parking on a crosswalk: $25

Not parked properly: $25

Parking in an alley: $25

Parking tickets can be paid at the City’s Treasurer’s office located on the first floor of City Hall (120 East First Street), by mail, or at www.monroemi.gov . Parking ticket questions can be directed to the Police Department at 734-243-7521.


The Downtown Monroe Parking Permit is available to be purchased by any interested party. Permits are valid annually from July 1-June 30 (cost is prorated per month.) The permit can be used to park in most downtown public parking lots (with some exclusions) but can’t be used for on-street parking. It negates the need to feed meters or adhere to parking lot time limits. For more information, or to purchase a permit, contact the City of Monroe Clerk’s Office at 734-384-9138 or download the Rules and Application

Parking Permit Application Downtown Monroe Permit Parking Lots Rules and Regulations