Downtown streets get swept every other Friday from April through the end of November. Street sweeping begins at 5 am. It is requested that vehicles not park on the street overnight to accommodate this service.


The City of Monroe plows the streets and City-owned parking lots during/after snow surpasses two inches on the pavement. They begin salting procedures during hazardous ice and packed snow conditions. If conditions warrant, the City of Monroe can declare a “Snow Emergency”. In that event, no cars are allowed to park on Snow Emergency Routes until the street has been plowed from curb to curb. The following streets within the DDA boundaries are Snow Emergency Routes:

The cars violating the Snow Emergency by parking on Snow Emergency Routes before they are cleared may be asked to move, ticketed or towed so that the street and parking bays can be properly cleared. This will allow downtown business to return to normal at a faster rate.

The property owner or occupant is responsible for the removal of snow on all sidewalks adjacent to the property. This includes all abutting sidewalks to those properties that are located at intersections or corners. A minimum of a four foot wide path must be cleared along the entire frontage of the property and piled along the curb. It is preferred that there are gaps between snow piles along the curb to allow pedestrians to easily reach the sidewalk from their vehicles. No snow is permitted to be pushed into the street. Sidewalks must be cleared by 8:00am on the day following the snowfall. If the snow is not cleared within 48 hours of that time frame, the City of Monroe may clear the sidewalk and charge the property owner for the cost. If a Snow Emergency is declared, then the sidewalk snow removal provisions may be extended for up to 72 hours. The City of Monroe maintains the sidewalks in front of and within their properties.

The Monroe DDA is responsible for determining when snow will be hauled out of the downtown area. This determination is based on the current and predicted conditions of snow accumulation on streets and sidewalks. Snow will be hauled out when it is believed it will have the most impact.


Blight concerns include those that would hinder the health, safety and welfare of the public (i.e. overflowing dumpsters, trash, broken windows, etc.). Private property maintenance violations city-wide, such as blight, can be reported to the City of Monroe Building Department (734-384-9186) or the City of Monroe Action Line. Other violations including tall grass and missed trash pick-up can be reported to the Department of Public Services at 734-241-6800 or the City ofMonroe Action Line.

Graffiti should be reported to the City of Monroe Police Department through the City of Monroe Action Line. It is important to report graffiti to the Police Department so that they can keep a record of the designs. This helps them build a case for prosecution if needed.


The City of Monroe is held in accordance with the International Property Maintenance Code which is available for viewing at the Building Counter at 120 East First Street. Property owners are responsible for maintaining their property and the right-of-ways adjoining their property.


City of Monroe Property is maintained by the City of Monroe. Public areas within the Downtown area are maintained by both the City of Monroe and Monroe Downtown Development Authority. Maintenance concerns on public property can be reported to the Department of Public Services at 734-241-6800 or the City of Monroe Action Line.