Michigan Small Business & Technology Development Center

The MI-SB&TDC strives to enhance economic growth by providing free services to new, struggling and expanding small businesses.  Counseling, training and research are three main services offered through the MI-SB&TDC.  To reach the local office of the MI-SB&TDC contact Tim Lake at 734-241-8754 or tlake@monroecountyidc.com.

Michigan Works!

Monroe County offers an Employment and Training Department known as Michigan Works!.  The purpose of this program is to provide greater access of educational training, self-help and economic development opportunities to the public and businesses.  For more information on services provided through Michigan Works! contact 734-240-7950 or click here

U.S. Small Business Administration

The United States Government created the Small Business Administration to help start, build and grow businesses.  The SBA provides information on how to plan, start, manage and sell a business.  They provide financial assistance, counseling, classes/training, disaster assistance, monthly web-chats and more.  For more information on SBA services, contact the local SBA office in Detroit, Michigan at 313-226-6075 or visit www.sba.gov

Monroe County Industrial Development Corporation

The Monroe County IDC focuses on attracting, retaining and diversifying job opportunities within the county in manufacturing, research and service. For more information on assistance from the Monroe County IDC, contact Bill Morris at 734-241-8081 or visit www.monroecountyidc.com.

Before starting a business there are several things to consider to ensure that the business can be successful. Below is an overview of decisions to consider while setting up a business. In addition, it is important to develop a sound Business Plan. Detailed information related to the bullet points below can be found in the “Guide to Starting a Small Business” developed by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation in partnership with the Michigan Small Business and Technology Development Center (MI-SBTDC).

  • Legal Structure (i.e. Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation, Limited Liability Company)
  • Licenses and Permits (i.e. Zoning laws, real and personal property taxes, employment and environmental laws, etc.) at the City, County, State and Federal level.
  • Insurance (i.e. Business/Home Office, Personal/Professional Liability, Business In5terruption, Key Man/Officers/Directors, Automobile, Employee Workman’s Compensation and Benefits, etc.)
  • Accounting System Set-up
  • Financing (i.e. Personal, Banks, Non-Banks, Investors, etc.)
  • Federal Employer Identification Number

For more detailed information and assistance about starting a business, contact Tim Lake at the MI-SBTDC at 734-241-8754 and refer to the “Business Resources/Organizations” links.

Local Contacts for Business Approvals and Registrations
City of Monroe
Assessor 734-384-9170
Building/Zoning 734-384-9186
Clerk/Treasurer 734-384-9136
Engineering 734-384-9126
Planning 734-384-9186
Wastewater 734-241-5926
Water 734-384-9150
County of Monroe
Clerk 734-240-7020
Environmental Health 734-240-7900
Register of Deeds 734-240-7390