Nestled on the banks of the River Raisin in the southeast corner of Michigan is the city of Monroe. Monroe, one of Michigan’s gateway cities, is about 17 miles north of Toledo, Ohio and about 35 miles south of Detroit, Michigan right down I-75.

Monroe is Michigan’s third oldest community. Its location on the west shore of Lake Erie and the River Raisin made it a natural crossroads for the Native Americans and later the French missionaries and fur trappers who settled here.

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Joe Peruski
George Boyan
Board Member
Mayor Robert Clark
Board Member
Scott Goocher
Board Member
Scott Kegerreis
Board Member
Les Lukacs
Board Member
Shaun McGowan
Board Member
Mackenzie Swanson
Board Member
Anthony Trujillo
Board Member
Paula Stanifer
Administrative Assistant


Promotion Committee

Markets the DDA district's assets to customers, potential investors, new business, local citizens, and visitors through image and retail promotions. Promotes the DDA for public awareness and volunteer recruitment.

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Design Committee

Enhances the physical appearance of the commercial district through public space decoration and other aesthetic enhancements.

Development Committee

Strengthens the district's existing economic base while finding ways to expand it to meet new opportunities and challenges from outlying development. Addresses all development and parking related projects.

Grant Committee

Reviews all monetary requests for DDA funding and sponsorship.

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Downtown Monroe Strategic Plan
DDA By-Laws

The mission of the Monroe DDA is to enhance the quality of life and develop a positive image of Downtown Monroe for residents, businesses and visitors by promoting cultural and economic growth in the Downtown area. 

DDA Tax Increment Financing Plan

The need for establishing the DDA District is founded on the basis that the future success of Monroe's current effort to revitalize its commercial area will depend, in large measure, on the readiness and ability of its public corporate entity to initiate public improvements that strengthen the commercial area and to encourage and participate where feasible in the development of new uses that clearly demonstrate the creation of new jobs, the attraction of new business, and the generation of additional tax revenues.  


The DDA is always looking for volunteers. Whether you are interested in serving on the Board, a committee, or donating your time for a specific project such as: bike rack installation, event planning or volunteerism, photography, article writing, research, etc., we welcome the interest in helping downtown. If you have a special talent or hobby, let us know and together we can help downtown grow.